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For over 130 years, Beneteau has been searching for increasingly innovative solutions to develop high performing, robust and environmentally friendly boats for a wide public. Pioneers in the use and implementation of new materials, the R&D engineers and technicians work towards continuous progress and improvement. They develop technology that meets the increasing demands of design, practicality and quality.

Today, the Beneteau range is one of the widest in the world. More than 4,000 ships are produced at the shipyards every year. There are several series of Beneteau brand: Gran Turismo, Swift Trawler, Antares, Barracuda, Flyer, etc. All models are always popular around the world, they can be found in all latitudes and almost under any flag.

Nord Star Yachting is the official dealer of Beneteau motor yachts in Saint Petersburg and northwest Russia.




Imagine not just one, but two exceptional seaworthy boats, featuring exquisite comfort and luxury, and an incredible amount of space, ideal for the perfect ocean cruise. This is exactly what Beneteau promises with the launch of new model range of Grand Trawlers.


Swift Trawler

The range that reinvents the Trawler concept. A boat with a cruising pedigree that has left tradition behind to win in speed, autonomy and intelligent design. Very seaworthy, extremely safe and comfortable, the four Beneteau Swift Trawlers are cut out for long ocean adventures.


Streamlined and sporty, the Gran Turismo offers great sensations. Open to the sea and yet well-protected, the range’s four sport cruisers boast technological features uniting the joy of cruising and exceptional performance. The Gran Turismo looks great, has quality fittings and attractive trims. In a nutshell she is elegant and positively trendy!

Seaworthy, safe and powerful, the Barracuda is a sport fisher full of character. The four outboarders of this range have a cleverly designed deck plan. The quantity and quality of their fishing equipment, and the comfort they offer on board, make them perfect for the demanding owner. Most definitely a winning range!


Barracuda 8

Barracuda  7

Barracuda 6

A classic pilothouse boat for short cruises that will never go out of fashion. These fisher cruisers are safe and highly seaworthy thanks to a flared hull, and they enjoy the performance you only get from an outboard engine. The four outboard Antares are well-known for their cosy interiors and level of equipment, making them a joy to own and a best seller range.

Antares 11 OB

Antares 9 OB

Antares 8 OB

Antares 7 OB

Antares 6 OB


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