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Western Mediterranean

The Western Mediterranean is one of the main destinations for charter cruises for those who enjoy exclusive and exceptional holidays. Spend an amazing time in the places of rest of the rich and famous: in glamorous seaside towns, stopping on the way picturesque old villages spangled with luxury restaurants and bars.

Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean has appeared on the map of charter travel recently but already established itself as an excellent region for charter. It’s like the very Adriatic coast of Croatia with a ridge of islands was created for a pleasant holiday.

Northern Europe

Thanks to the ancient maze of waterways, old cities and virgin landscapes, Northern Europe has become a truly magical place on the path of charter yachting routes. Short summer nights and fascinating northern lights are beautiful, but what really attracts attention is the combination of magnificent nature and elegant architecture of cities. The diversity of Northern Europe has contained everything that can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding travelers — from the wild glacial splendor of the western coast of Norway to the contagious energy of Denmark’s optimism, the stylish modernism of Sweden and the cultural attractions of the Baltic coast

South-East Asia

Traveling on a yacht in the South-East Asia is associated with steep, jungle-covered slopes of limestone islands, turquoise bays, a broad net of caves, a picturesque underwater world and a bespoke cuisine. But this is also a region of indescribable contrasts. You can enjoy champagne at the luxurious hotel bar in Singapore but you can also explore the dilapidated markets of the gloomy coastal towns of Vietnam in search of fast food

Caribbean Islands

Between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic you can find the northern ridge of the Caribbean islands — a place where cruise ships and charter yachts flow into the vast world of migrations of sea creatures, expressive island culture and entrenched heritage of seafarers. Once upon a time these islands were a pirates’ shelter, and today their colorful coral reefs are one of the most legendary places in the world for diving. Luxurious travelers, friendly locals, lively cities and desolate tropical islands make this region truly unforgettable for a yacht charter.

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